Ambassador to Israel, Mr Dave Sharma

Mr Sharma is a senior career officer with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) and was most recently Assistant Secretary in the Africa Branch, and previously, Acting First Assistant Secretary, International Division in the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet.

Mr Sharma’s prior international service includes postings as Counsellor at the Australian Embassy in Washington, Third Secretary at the Australian High Commission in Port Moresby and as Senior Civilian Adviser with the Peace Monitoring Group in Bougainville.

Mr Sharma was also an Adviser to Foreign Minister Alexander Downer from 2004 – 2006.

Consular and visa queries

Due to privacy considerations it is not possible to reply to consular or passport queries through this blog site. If you have visa queries, or if you are an Australian citizen with passport or consular questions, we suggest you visit our Australian Embassy in Israel website. For urgent consular assistance, please phone the 24 hour consular emergency centre on 1300 555 135.

For other enquiries, please use the contact details provided on the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the Smartraveller and the Australian Passports Office websites.

Australian Embassy, Israel


Discount Bank Tower (28th Floor)
23 Yehuda Halevi St (cnr Herzl St)
Tel Aviv 65136

Postal address

PO Box 29108
Tel Aviv 61290


+972 3 693 5000


+972 3 693 5002



Email for visa, immigration and citizenship matters: immigration.telaviv@dfat.gov.au


Australian Embassy in Israel website

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